Stir - Get Yo'self a Classy Cocktail

I had the opportunity this past weekend to visit Stir for the second time.  The first time, they may have done their cocktails a bit too well, as I didn't remember much afterwards.  

Nestled right on the corner of the Chattanooga Choo Choo and across the little alley-way from The Terminal.  Stir is a new premium cocktail lounge, offering a wide variety of liquors, as well as the freshest of ingredients from local Chattanooga vendors, and this goes for the food and the booze. Stir's "thing" is artisan ice.  Which is ice that is crystal clear due to the fact that is has been purified without any dissolved gases inside.... the water has been boiled.  I don't know if they are shipping in fancy water from else where, or if they are taking it straight from the tap and boiling it.  But either way, that's how you get clear ice.  However, the clear ice is not what impressed me.  Rather it was the array of tools and set-ups they had for dealing with the ice, for cutting it into different shapes and sizes. This i one of the few places in town to get a legitimate rock pour, which is nice.

What drew me here on an amazing sunny Chattanooga afternoon was the patio, the oysters, and the drinks.  My primary goal was to sit outside, drink something nice, and order a plate of oysters... and that's exactly what I did.  My drink of choice, especially by a pool or sitting outside, is a mojito.  Something about the crispness of the mint and lime together really get my going.... it could be the rum.  But anyway,  I had more than a couple.  Suffice to say, I enjoyed the mojitos, and I would argue that you may not get one any better than that of Stir's, at least not this far from Miami.  The oysters kicked some ass too, but I was there for the drinks.