Episode 31 - Movies and Beers That Sour

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Everybody has those movies they loved when they were younger, and then been disappointed at how badly the film has aged.  Whether it's the story, CGI, acting, or what have you, it's soul crushing when one of your favorite films "sours" so to speak. This week Jared and Tanner are back with new-comer Jocelyn to discuss sour beers and movies that have soured. We touch on how Jumanji may or may not have aged poorly, but we're excited for the sequel.  But we also developed a hypothesis that any movie in the 90's that was about the Internet.... has aged beyond belief.  


This episode we're drinking:

Gastaus & Gosebrauereir Bayerischer Bahnhoff Gose

Duchesse De Bourgogne

Bayerischer Bahnhoff Berliner Weisse

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