Episode 36 - Tennessee Beers & Car Movies

This episode we are joined once again by Jordan McCay from Riverside Wine and Spirits to talk about Tennessee beers. Despite our best efforts we do tip into a bit of political territory this episode, but that doesn't detract from us talking about car movies. Movies like Bullitt, Vanishing Point, and the original Gone in Sixty Seconds set a precedence for car movies and the desire to shoot practical effects because, well... they had to. But without the foundation that these great classic films established we wouldn't have the large franchised car movies we have today such as Transformers and the Fast and Furious Franchise. We also discuss some of the strange liquor laws that we are constantly inundated with living here in the South, on the buckle of the Bible-Belt.

Our Tennessee beers are:

Wiseacre Brewing | Tacky

Yee Haw Brewing | Dunkel

Blackerry Farm Brewing + Evil Twin Brewing | From TN With Smoke


Here is the original Gone in 60 Seconds chase sequence for your pleasure... and ours.