Episode 166 - Strat Parrott

This week, Strat Parrot of Juncture (TheJuncture.com) joins Tanner and Jared in the studio to tell us about Jeff Styles and his new podcast over at FredPodcast.com. Strat also helps with the Tono/Chattanooga Sister Cities program and tells us a bit about Literary Ink, a Harry Potter and Tattoo themed conventionl here in Chattanooga, TN that he has been building an Olivander’s Wand shop for. They’re drinking and discussing Brown Ales.

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Episode 164 - Bridgette Martin

This week local Chattanooga comedian Bridgette Martin swings by to drink a delicious pumpkin beer from New Belgium and to try Ommegang’s Queen of Dragons Game of Thrones Kriek. They’re discussing horror films, Scofflaw Brewing’s Trump kerfuffle, and David Schwimmer.

You can find Bridgette Performing at Once A Month Comedy this Saturday.

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Episode 163 - Natasha Ferrier & Grace Holtz from Once A Month Comedy

Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz from Once A Month Comedy are back on the podcast this week. They’re sitting down with Tanner and Jared to drink a few Pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers. They’re also discussing the closing of Moccasin Bend Brewing Company, A racial lawsuit that Founders Brewing has found themselves in, and they try to doll out some relationship advice.

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