Chatter Box Cafe - This is Some Badass BBQ

Right before Christmas I had began to hear rumblings of someone slinging some new meat on Market street. Which instantly got me excited because if there's one thing I love, is some damn good meat slinging. Ew, yeah get your mind out of the gutter, I'm referencing the illustrious and amazing meat that is  Chatter Box Cafe, a smokin' new BBQ joint. Pun most definitely intended. 

I had been hearing rumblings about Chatter Box for a few months, but from what I had gathered... they had primarily been working it food truck style. Which as you may be aware, and due to local litigation, it's not an easy feat to track down a particular food truck on a given day. So alas, I was not able to taste Chatter Box's delicious and amazing meat. But thankfully, Brandon, the owner, enjoys his community just as much as a good slab of properly seasoned pork. 

Periodically Chatter Box likes to host community grill outs where Brandon invites the entire community to his establishment to enjoy live music, margarita machines, sometimes a local beer tasting, and of course.... delicious smoked meats. This is where I had the pleasure of experiencing Chatter Box for the first time. They had a community get-together a few weeks back and I had to go. Brandon was tossing out some of the best smoked meat in the Scenic City, and even roasted an entire pig for everyone to enjoy, which was mind blowing by the way.

Aside from eating some of the best BBQ this city has to offer (no fucking joke) it was great to see so many people A. supporting a local business, but B. Just enjoying the company of their community, and enjoying some decent fellowship that isn't centered around anything but good times, good food, and good people. Which is what we here at Brew Chatt are all about. While down there, I had the great pleasure of meeting the guys from Normal Brewing. A group of local home-brewers who are in the process of taking their hobby to the professional level.

Chatter Box intends to keep throwing these community events, with the next one being on April 1, 2017. Which will be a bit more family friendly event, in that there won't be a beer tasting, and the entertainment will be a bit more focused on bringing in families. But I assure you the BBQ and the good times will be just that... good times.

Tanner MorrisonComment