A New Year and New Thangs

First and foremost Happy New Years to all of you guys... it's been one for the books. Next to the year I went into puberty, this has by far been the strangest year of my entire life, and I think quite a few of you will attest to that. Good or bad, you cannot say 2016 hasn't been anything short of interesting. I generally enjoy the New Year, not so much the holiday itself. But merely the idea of a new start, and new beginnings. However short-lived, I love the general positivity in people around New Years. It's as good a time as any to start a new, if you need to make some change, or something is bothering you. Why not? Change it, make a difference to numero uno... you. I'm all about that. 

2016 in particular has been quite the damn year... yes, quite the DAMN year. A year where we've seen an unparalleled Presidential campaign that was both brutal and embarrassing that has divided our country like nothing we've seen in decades. But I'm not here to be political but merely to revel in the nostalgia of this hellscape that 2016 has been. No matter which side of the fence you fall, this election cycle revealed an often theorized, yet now proven corruption of Government, and the sell out of our mainstream and mass media. The shear sleaziness that our political system will stoop to in order to, not help the people, but win votes in order to have a job has never been more apparent than it is right now in our society. I for one, have no idea how Donald Trump is going to handle things in the next 4 years, but he has his shit cut out for him.  The country saw more shootings, more violence, and more hatred this year than ever before, and I think there is one thing we can agree on... and that's the need to shut that shit down.

It's no secret that we lost a lot of people this past year. But just speaking personally, Lady Death was busy in 2016 both on and off of the streets of Hollywood; just speaking for the public figures we lost, it was astronomical. I understand that people get older, and as the human population has grown we will see a higher ratio of public figures dying off each year. But this year marked, what I think will be, the beginning of a long line of death moving through the Hollywood Hills. Sure it's fun to blame 2016, but the fact of the matter is just that... people get old and die. We are seeing more and more of Generation X age up and then age out of the spotlight. It's sad, and it will always be sad. I won't list them here due to the fact of the shear size of the list but there are many public figures that I was genuinely upset to have lost this year, and I know I am not the only one to have been saddened this year due to losing a hero, a star, or a loved one.

As we leave behind the year I'm going to assume Chewbacca-Mom was the reason Brexit happened.... and no I'm not going to link you to her. I refuse to give Chewbacca-Mom any hits. You know how Google works. But, like I was saying... As we leave this year behind, and move forward it is important to reflect, to learn, to accept, and to move on. Even though I don't agree with most of the vitriol that spews from his mouth, and subsequent Twitter account, we need to hope for the best in Washington. Sure I don't like Donald Trump, I'm not entirely sure anyone does. But he's the Captain of this ship in a few weeks, let's hope he doesn't sink it, and do everything we can to insure that doesn't happen. Do you not agree with something going on? Write your Congressman, do something. Sure protesting sends a message, but, do something. Take it upon yourself to be educated and involved this year.

Thanks in part to other Americans there are several new laws coming into effect in 2017. Marijuana will be legal in several states both medicinally and recreationally, we will see new laws regarding self driving vehicles, and some closer to home involving booze. It is now legal for brewers to brew higher alcohol content into their beers in the state of Tennessee. Up to 10.1%, with grocers and gas stations being able to carry higher alcohol beers on their shelves. This should open up the floodgates for tasty beer here in the scenic city. As our own brewers will have the option to provide us with a little bit more kick in our draughts, and our distributors should be able to stock our gas stations and stores full of tasty higher-grav beers from all over the nation. The bottom line? We're about to get some pretty great beers here in the valley.

This year has been rough, in different ways, in different yields. It's been a shit year. But the glass is always half full, and that means there's still beer. So drink up and lets move foward.

Tanner MorrisonComment