22nd Annual Southern Brewer's Festival Was a Solid Hoot

This is coming a bit late, but hey... better late than never right? I just wanted to thank Chattanooga, and Chattanooga's Kids on the Block for making this year a great festival, as usual.

The Brew Chatt Squad had a great time, we got a load of footage and interviews we'll be putting up on the site over the next coming weeks, as well as a full episode.  We've already put up quite a few photos here and on our Facebook Page.

I may be wrong on this, but I do believe it rains at some point every year during the festival.  Which I personally don't think is a bad thing.  Anyone who has spent anytime in Chattanooga during the summer months should know... August is Chattanooga doing its worst. The day of Southern Brewer's Fest was nothing short of a typical August Chattanooga day. A beautiful summer day which evolves into sweltering heat, only with brief intermissions of a monsoon only worthy of a wrong roll of the dice in the game of Jumangi. 

The show kept on rolling, and a little rain will never keep people from good beer, and good music.

We look forward to bringing you all of the kickass stuff we shot while we were down there.  Stay tuned.

Tanner MorrisonComment