Feed Table & Tavern

I'm typically not one to be waiting at the door as soon as a new restaurant in town opens.  I prefer to sit back and wait about 2-3 months and allow them time to work some kinks out of their system before I subject my patience and palette to their dining experience. That being said, I may have waited a bit longer than I intended to give myself the pleasure of eating at The Feed Co. Table & Tavern.

"Feed" is set right in the middle of Main Street in the heart of the freshly renovated Southside. They have an incredible patio, which itself is great but the view of Main Street and Clyde's leaves a bit to be desired; it definitely isn't competing with The Boat House as far as patio views go. But this isn't their game, so I won't forgo their incredible food for lack of a view. 

Upon entering Feed I was immediately surprised to see they had a very nice selection of draught beers available. They had quite a selection of featured beers, but an even greater selection of rotating beers that come and go.  I was actually able to drink quite a few of the beers that we had tried at Chattabrewga 2016 a few weeks back.

But with anything, if you have good beer, you'd better have great food to match, and Feed does in spades. On my first visit I decided to order their 8-Hour Smoked Pork Sandwich, and DAMN... yes DAMN.  I was skeptical at first, as I follow a BBQ purist philosophy, in that, generally the shittier the restaurant looks, the better the BBQ will be. So by my philosophy a metal trashcan on the side of a dirt road (in theory) should have the best BBQ in the world. Feed's BBQ sandwich is single handedly one of the best I have had, but I will say, be prepared to get messy, you will do work when eating this sandwich.

During my second visit to Feed I opted to have something a bit less "oozy" and ordered the Cornmeal Fried Catfish. Which had less of an impact than the Smoked Pork Sandwich, but was delicious none-the-less.  It's served on a bed of potatoes with smoked tomato relish on top. Which I was unsure of at first, but after one bite, I was sold.

The final point I would like to make about feed, and honestly one of the factors that I was straight up wrong about with Feed is their prices.  I had not allowed my self to dine at feed on the (incorrect) belief that they were fairly pricey for that they were indeed serving.  Which I'm sure some people will still debate. But I personally thought the prices were very on point.  True, the dishes they are serving aren't foie gras and caviar, but rather, very simple dishes that have seemingly been re-invented with less of "Granny's cooking" and adding a bit more of some culinary flair. So, all in all, Feed is affordable, delicious, and has a great selection of draught beers.  

Feed Co. Table & Tavern has select specials and events through the week as well:

Monday - Industry Night

Tuesday - Pint Night and $3.50 Pints of the night's featured brewery

Wednesday - Ladies' Night with $3 Wine and $5 Sangria

Thursday - Live Bluegrass and Craft Cocktail night

Friday & Saturday - Live Music