Drinking Itinerary for Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a great city, a city that has steep roots in tourism. Between The Aquarium, Rock City, Fall Creek Falls, or any other of the myriad of attractions we have here in town, you can say Chattanooga has a pretty solid tourism market.  Chattanooga is so steeped in history that it's naturally to assume various tourist attractions would pop up based around those little tidbits of history.  Beer is no different, and it is quickly becoming a mainstay for tourists.  Strictly speaking booze-wise, Chattanooga has grown exponentially over the past several years. 

We've had Chattanooga Brewing Company, Hutton & Smith, and Big Frog.  We've also seen our very own Whiskey Company open up shop here in town.

It's no lie that Chattanooga has seen massive growth in the booze department. So to help weed through everything I'm going to put up my own personal list of my favorite boozy hotspots in and around Chattanooga.  If you're visiting from out of town, stick to this list and you won't be disappointed.


Beverage World

Even though this isn't technically in Chattanooga, it's close enough that I would consider it the great area.  It's maybe 15 minutes from downtown, right across the Georgia/Tennessee border.  To the untrained eye, Beverage World doesn't look like anything special. But once you enter, you will quickly realize.... that this is single handedly one of the greatest places around for beer enthusiasts. They offer your general package store-type staples such as kegs, Coors Lights, etc.  But they also offer a variety of taps at their growler station, and even more options in their coolers.  It's way easier than it should be to spend way more money than I should on beer at this place.  They also offer a great selection of home brewing supplies and equipment. Not to mention, with it being in Georgia, it is in an entirely different distribution market than Chattanooga.  So that means.... lots of neat beers you can't get here in town!


Heaven & Ale

With two locations, one on Frazier Avenue, and the other in Ooltewah they have become a beer staple here in the Greater Chattanooga Area. What's more, is that in my opinion both locations offer distinctly different atmospheres.  Both have great outdoor seating, but where one could argue the Frazier is a huge advocate for patio drinking with their great beer garden out back.  The Ooltewah location sits in a nice little square with a gorgeous building and large garage-door style windows for enjoying the great weather and a nice ale here in the Tennessee Valley.


JJ's Bohemia

This place among all in Chattanooga takes me straight back to college. That's not to say it is a divey, slum. Not at all, actually.  JJ's consistently has great musicians every weekend, spanning all sorts of genres, as well as comedy throughout the week. Only beer is served here albeit a ton, but they're also pretty willing to allow you to brownbag it.



I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again.  This is my go to here in town.  They always have great beers on tap, a great staff, and even more delicious food.  Get their deviled eggs, they're the best in town. It would be no mistake to start your night here. 


Champy's Chicken

There's one simple thing that I wish I could change about Champy's, and all I wish is that it be closer to water.  Sitting on their patio sipping on a 40 oz and downing some of their delicious chicken could only be made better by having a view a little bit more nautical. But aside from that, the only thing better than their chicken would be their sauce. They'll soon have a second location right off of Lee Highway.




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