Conga Latin Food - A Treat, and a Review

First and foremost, I am no food critic.  I am a self-taught cook and enjoy-er of all things tasty, which is why, from time to time, I see fit to let you all know about a great dining experience I had here in town.  Which this go around was Conga Latin Food on Main Street, right next to Main Street Meats.

I walked into Conga's intimate location down on the Southside, and was immediately taken aback.  It's not over done and trying to show off its' culture, and it isn't trying to be the hippest place in town, like many of the establishments opening up around town.  Then again, Conga opened up in 2011, so it isn't exactly the new kid on the block. But I digress... 

Conga is just what it says, it is Latin Food.  Of all kinds, and as a man who loves variety and options, I loved this.  They have your everyday staples such as chips, tacos, burritos, etc.  But what caught my eye were the plates.  Where each one is based around a different Latin dish.  With their naming conventions allotted to the various countries of the dish's origin.

I had the fish tacos, which came with rice, ceviche, and fried platanos... or plantains for you 'Mericans. When I chose this dish, which I picked essentially at random.  The server, who I assume was part owner, made me aware that ceviche is raw fish, and she asked if I liked sushi.  "Of course", I said. Call me uncultured, but I actually did not know that there was famously delicious raw fish dish in Hispanic cultures.  I just didn't know it was a big thing,  but damn was I surprised.  This shit was seriously tasty.  As far as the fishiness goes, it wasn't, which really surprised me. It was almost as if the spices within the ceviche itself had been used to cook the fish so to speak, as well as add the spice necessary.  Needless to say, I was most pleasantly surprised, and would suggest this restaurant in a heartbeat to anyone looking for something tasty and different than what our city typically offers in the Hispanic cuisine department.

Chattanooga certainly has no shortage of Hispanic eateries, especially with four or five Amigos scattered across the greater Chattanooga area.  What this has inevitably lead to is a stagnation of excellent Hispanic food in our great little city.  There are only so many chimichangas, and burritos I can handle before I will want a bit of variety.  Not that these amazing meat-filled pockets from South of the border aren't delicious, I just want a bit more variety.  This, to me, is where Conga truly shines.  Not only was the food amazing, but I completely rolled the dice with a dish, and I loved it.  Not only loved, but it may be the most pleased I have ever been in rolling the dice with a meal.

Bottomline.... Go eat here, its delicious... incredibly delicious, and it isn't pricey.