The Daily Ration Opening

The Farmer's Daughter, which has recently undergone a major face-lift in order to become The Daily Ration. The owners of The Bitter Alibi, Jason Bowers and Matt Skudlarek have proven they know how to run a damn good eatery... several times over. I've seen the location that The Bitter Alibi resides in be turned over time and time again by various restaurants and bars over the years.  It wasn't until The Bitter Alibi moved in that the location as well as the business became a staple to the Chattanooga community.  "The Alibi" opened as a nifty little basement bar behind JJ's Bohemia, then expanded into the upstairs, while having a slew of delicious brunch offerings.  They recently expanded even further by putting a cherry on top of their Houston Street building in the form of The Fix.

I've been a fan of the food and libations at all of these locations, and definately had a night or three that I can't remember because of these places.  So I am very much excited that Bowers and Skudlarek have decided to branch a bit further North of the river with their next offering.

 Rather than completely overhauling The Farmer's Daughter, they seem to be taking the same concept they used with The Bitter Alibi and applying it to The Farmer's daughter.  That concept essentially being, take what worked, and make the rest our own.  Which is what I love, it is the purest form of an evolution of a business. They took one of my favorite bars, O' Heiney's, after it shut down, kept it essentially the same, but added their signature kick-assery to the mix.  I am ecstatic to see what they bring to my neighborhood.  Oh yeah, did I meantion I can walk to The Daily Ration? They'll be sick of me yet...

They are throwing a celebration this weekend, mainly just because.  But I'll be there,  they will have food, drinks, music, all out on their bitchin' patio.  Be there or be a rhombus.