Dads & Dude's Brews: CBD Infused Sativa IPA

Hailing from the legal marijuana mecca of Colorodo.  Dude's Brews Brewing Company makes two CBD infused ales; the Indica Double IPA and the Infused Sativa IPA. The company is using these two beers to drive it's new Canna-Beer Series. Which only seems like a natural progression to Colorado's growing marijuana industry. 

The two beers, The Indica Double IPA and the Infused Sativa IPA are named and infused with the two varying strains of the marijuana plant that will typically determine whether you have a body high or a head high. However the beers themselves will not contain pot, so don't expect to get stoned while having a couple beers. The beers merely are infused with an extract from cannabis called cannabidiol, and as a result, is 100% legal nationwide.

This is an all but fitting contrast between these two booming, but once taboo industries. Alcohol has had it's fair share of prohibition and taxation, now its marijuana's turn, or at least it has been it's turn for a minute. Colorado has been leading the marijuana reform for quite some time now, so it makes sense a Colorado brewery would step up to help in the two industries' convergence.

Tanner MorrisonComment