HOFF & PEPPER - Hoff Sauce Short Film

These are a couple friends that started crafting an amazing hot sauce and selling it locally here in Chattanooga.  You can typically find it for sale at The Chattanooga Market or some of the local Ace Hardware stores. Or via their website.

Personally I really dig this sauce.  I like spice, but I was never one to carry a bottle of hot sauce with me when I went out.  Aaron and Michelle changed that.

This is a short film that was produced by Brodacious Films about them and their adoration of sauce.  The film is pretty great, as is the sauce.

It's more than just a bottle of Hot Sauce. Explore the local phenomenon, Hoff Sauce, and the impact it has on small businesses, art communities, and food lovers. Brodacious Films Directed by: William Bagley Produced by: Owen and William Bagley