A Beer Guide to Chattanooga: The Terminal

The Terminal Brewhouse was one of the very first places in town that I remember drinking (legally.... shhh). Everything about The Terminal is pretty great.  Their building is quite the shit, if I do say so myself, with open rafters, and the ability to see their entire brewing operation as the stairs spiral upward above it.  The beer is great, and we'll get to that in a minute.  But definitely make sure you arrive hungry when you visit this Chatt Town staple.  They have quite an extensive menu, but a few of the stand-outs for myself include The Plowman's Lunch (if you aren't starving) or their Bison Burger (if I am starving).

They also have a pretty incredible history involving being a hotel, perhaps even a speakeasy at some point, and how it helped pave the way for one of the first African American business owners in Chattanooga.  I was going to do a great little write-up of their history, but they've already done a better job than I ever could on their website.  So check that out.

So now to the primary reason you would want to visit The Terminal... the beer. Which is amazing by the way.  My picks being their White Shadow Belgian Wheat Beer and their MagnumPA IPA which blends the hoppier traditions of a west coast IPA with a more traditional style IPA, and it does so brilliantly.  The Terminal strives to keep their business within the community and in doing so have partnerships with several other local businesses, even outside of distributing their fine ales, like sending some of their leftover grains to Neidlov's for baking.

The Terminal is one of my favorite places in town, and is a sure fire stop if I have guests visiting Chattanooga.