Wine in Grocery Stores July 1st

As of July 1st 2016 grocery stores in the state of Tennessee will be able to sell wine.  This is something that has been a long, long time coming, and I believe we are all pretty excited about it.

Of course all of this means that said grocery stores must first apply for licenses and what not in order to sell the liquor.  But once all the paperwork is done, it should be no problem.  The real question I have is this.  How will this affect the sales of beer?  As of now grocery stores are only allowed to sell beer up to 6.5% ABV.  Wine generally sits above that 10% mark.  So will this pave the way for more high gravity beers in grocery stores?  I sure as hell hope so.

Grocery stores that are within 500 feet of a liquor store will have to wait until 2017 to sell wine unless given written consent of the liquor store owner.

Tanner MorrisonComment