A Beer Guide to Chattanoga: Hutton & Smith

Named after the founding fathers of modern day geology.  Appropriately so, being that it was created by a climber and geologist.  Upon entering their brewhouse on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, you quickly see it decorated with geology texts, geodes, and even carabiners with climbing rope holding up their mugs.

Their beers follow suit with names such as "Belayer's Blonde", "Paleo Pilsner", and my personal favorite the "Rope Gun Rye".

The owners of Hutton & Smith hail from Las Vegas, Nevada.  They opened summer of 2015 and were one of our first picks for the Chattanooga Brew Chatt episode, on the basis that their beer is amazing.

The brewery doesn't serve food, but they do have snacks on hand and advocate bringing in outside food to enjoy with their beer.  They also occasionally show James Bond films, and have a $3 Pint Night on Wednesdays.

Like I said, the brewery sits right on MLK Boulevard almost right across from Champy's Chicken.  So go grab some of the best chicken in town to go, and carry it on over to Hutton & Smith.