CFC Season is Coming

Sure... the warm sunlight, the blooming flowers, the nice weather.... there's a ton of reasons to love Spring.  But for me, there's one reason to be excited for the warmer weather. Well, two, drinking on patios.  But mainly, it's time for The Chattanooga Football Club's season to start!  That means grab your grills, grab your team jersey, and your (insert loud noise maker here.) 

The 2016 Season will kickoff against Nashville at Finley Stadium on May 21st.

We'll be out there for every game, having a couple beers, pre-gaming, etc.  If we aren't in the parking lot grilling up some delicious meats, we'll be over at the Chattanooga Brewing Company, who's sort of the official beer for CFC. So come give us a shout if you see us around!