Local Movie Theaters Pondering Booze

With the recent renovation of Regal Cinemas at Hamilton Place where one of their major upgrades was implementing brand new incredibly comfortable recliners in their screening rooms. Increasingly so, movie theaters are having to up their ante in order to compete with the digital age. Aside from updating their projection systems, their audio systems, and the actual physical space of the screening rooms and theater themselves, what is a theater to do to raise revenue, aside from charging $16 for .75 cents of popcorn?

Many theaters around the country have introduced alcohol into their revenue stream successfully. The Alamo Draft House theaters are one that comes to mind, but another (more local) option would be the Majestic 12 right here in Downtown Chattanooga.  Although the Majestic only serves alcohol in their Ovation Room, which charges premium ticket prices on top of already premium snack and drink prices.

According to News Channel 9, not everyone is on board with the extra revenue for theaters.

They quoted Chattanooga resident John Pierce as saying:

"There are going to be people who aren't gonna act right, it's just gonna happen," Pierce said. "You hate not to do things just because people are not gonna act right."

I personally have been to quite a number of theaters across the country that serve alcohol, quite a number of them even being in our very own state, and I have never seen it get out of hand. But on several occasions I have had to turn around to tell some teenagers to hush their entitled mouths. 

I would also like to personally address Mr. Pierce.  Mr. Pierce, if you have not, in fact, tried watching a fine piece of cinema... give it the old college try.  It's a blast. If you answered "no" to the aforementioned statement, I'd suggest trying a shower-beer while you're at it.  It's exactly what it sounds like, give it a shot.

It's safe to assume those of us here at Brew Chatt are huge proponents of movie theaters selling alcohol. Regardless, at the end of the day... they'll never stop me from enjoying a few pints in the theater.  Legal or not.

Tanner MorrisonComment