Chucks Closing After 27 Years

The above was posted to Chucks' Facebook Page last night.

It seems that a local Chattanooga staple has decided to close its doors. I'm never one to be too cheery when a local Chattanooga spot closes up shop.  I couldn't give two shits when chains make unsuccessful attempts at homesteading our downtown (read: Noodles & Company.) It seems pretty straight forward from the post above, but it seems that they had someone buy them out.  So this doesn't necessarily say that Chucks is going away, but it also doesn't say it is sticking around under new ownership. With such a great location on the newly "blown up" Main Street and Southside areas, I wouldn't be totally surprised to see the bar open up as a new establishment under new ownership.

I think anyone who has been in Chattanooga long enough has had a crazy night at Chucks.  I remember one year a few years back, some friends and I ended up sauntering into Chucks at some point during the night of Main24X. We had a pretty solid dance-off to N'Sync's "Bye, Bye, Bye" and I even broke my favorite pair of RayBans, and you know what.... I wasn't even mad.  Chucks has been a long standing establishment for revelry and good times. It will be missed.

Chucks will remain open until next weekend operating as usual.  Go pay your respects while you can.

Tanner MorrisonComment