Brew Chatt was created out of pure love for beer.  We all love our craft beer, but we also love the cheaper libations as well.  Here at Brew Chatt we like to believe that the best beer is free beer. The sad part is, beer isn't always free, so we're here to help you wade through the muck of mediocrity.  Whether you drink it to savor the flavor, or simply to wipe away that hard day of work, there's one simple fact:  good beer, really any beer, brings people together.

Brew Chatt was born from a love of beer, but also a love of Chattanooga.  If you aren't familiar with Chattanooga, Tennessee (not Oklahoma), it's a small-ish city sitting on the border of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.   Way back in the day it was a nice spot to have strategic strongholds for the Civil War.  Nowadays it has an abundance of outdoor activities such as climbing, kayaking and cycling.  Fortunately, it also has a very nice selection of breweries, bars, taprooms and ale houses. We'll be the first ones to tell you to visit Chattanooga, if you haven't already. 

Brew Chatt, in essence, is about the fantastic community of brewers, breweries, pubs and restaurants here in Chattanooga.  We have to thank every member of that community for this idea, because without them it would have never manifested. With that being said, this is a show, or rather a series of shows, about craft beer, shown by Chattanooga natives and the Chattanooga brewing community; however, that's not to say we won't be traveling...

We have three shows as of right now to focus on:  one is yet to be released; the second is an audio only podcast; and the final is, of course, the primary Brew Chatt show, with a focus on breweries across the nation.



Tanner Morrison

Creative Director | Founder | Host


Jared Miller

Camera Operator | Podcast Host